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GT Air Mechanical Services offers the best heating and furnace service Kelowna has to offer. Our certified technicians have the skills and experience to solve your heating issues in a timely and professional manner.

There are a number of common furnace problems that can signal inefficiency or cause concern for homeowners.  If your furnace is not properly heating your home, a call for service may be in order.  It is important, however, to recognize signs that your heating system is not functioning correctly or may need servicing:

  • Furnace not coming on
  • Furnace comes on but does not produce adequate heat
  • Blower continues to run even when furnace is not operating
  • Foul smells from furnace or vents
  • Noisy operation

Any of the above issues left unchecked can lead to emergency repairs and possibly the need to replace the unit entirely.

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Regular Furnace Maintenance Prevents Dangerous Issues

Maintaining your home heating system on an annual basis can add years to the life of your furnace, improve the overall efficiency of your home, and save you from costly repairs.  More importantly though, regular maintenance allows our certified professionals to isolate and repair potentially dangerous issues before they become a problem for you and your family. These issues may include:

  • Poor or blocked ventilation
  • Cracked or damaged heat exchangers
  • Carbon Monoxide leakage
  • Ignition problems


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Kelowna Furnace Installation

Hiring a Kelowna professional to help with furnace installation is a good first step. Attempting to install the unit yourself or by someone who lacks knowledge and experience, may lead to significant inefficiencies or potentially dangerous outcomes. Professional furnace installers will thoroughly inspect several areas before starting and ensure the installation adheres to manufacturer’s specifications and best practice methodology, according to industry guidelines. While hiring a professional to install your furnace may cost more, compared with doing it yourself, chances are you will save more money in the long run.

Furnace Replacement Kelowna

Of course, every furnace has its day, and at some point it becomes necessary to purchase a new heating system. If your furnace is more than fifteen years old, or if you have had several repairs over the last couple of years, the time has likely come to replace your furnace. Older, outdated heating systems can cause you to pay higher utility bills, especially when the existing unit was installed incorrectly. We provide furnace replacement Kelowna homeowners can rely on for product selection, price and service.

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24 Hour Service

We offer twenty-four hour service, seven days a week so that none of our customers are left in the cold. When the temperature inside your home is plummeting, remember that GT Air Mechanical Services provides furnace repair Kelowna residents have come to know and trust.

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