Preventative Maintenance Packages

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Preventive Maintenance programs are the key to extending the life of your equipment.

Our 3 custom programs provides for the necessary labour, materials and test equipment to perform inspection, adjustment, calibration, and testing of the system’s operation. By implementing a Pro-Active Maintenance Program versus a reactive service program you can ensure your system operates at optimal efficiency under one of our maintenance packages.

Please consult with one of our Maintenance planners for a free consultation and get the right package and price point that your company requires.

Save up to 20%

All active service clients, or construction level clients receive a 10% discount on all maintenance contracts, and a 20% discount on new hot water tanks.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Extends equipment life
  • Eliminates comfort problems
  • Reduces costs
  • Protects the value of your system
  • Improves system performance
  • Reduces down time
  • Dedicated technician
  • Improves your bottom line

Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance is the key to controlled operating costs, system predictability, energy efficiency and maximum equipment life expectancy. The run-time, use and application of each piece of equipment determine the equipment service frequency. This information, along with manufacturer’s recommendations and our 30 years of technical experience assures that your equipment receives the most cost-effective maintenance in the industry.

GT Air Mechanical Services goal is to help you control you overall maintenance costs. We will blend predictive diagnostics with scheduled maintenance procedures to “zero in” on the optimal scheduled service program that is right for your facility. Our three types of preventative maintenance contracts are all custom built and are priced based on the age of the systems and building use.

As your investment in maintenance increases, the reliability and confidence of the tenants/homeowners in the build will increase. If you choose not to invest into the maintenance of your equipment, the equipment can have unscheduled breakdowns, increasing your overall repair costs. The optimization of investment between the two is what GT Air Mechanical Services labeled “Controllable Maintenance Costs.” Achieving this balance is how we implement the Preventive Maintenance Program and will reduce operations, energy and maintenance expenses.

Life Cycle & Energy Costs Associated with System Operation

Cost Efficiency of HVAC

HVAC Preventative Maintenance includes







Equipment ID

Schedule Tasking

24 Hr. Emergency Service

Assigned Service Technician

Priority emergency service

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